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Weichai website questionnaire,bet365 app download iphone

1. What's your overall impression with Weichai website?
  • Satisfied
  • Relatively satisfied
  • Unsatisfied
Unsatisfied:——》What's the problem in your opinion:
2. (Single choice)Are you satisfied with the design style of our website?
  • Satisfied
  • Relatively satisfied
  • Unsatisfied
3. Are you satisfied with our website update frequency?
  • Satisfied
  • Relatively satisfied
  • Unsatisfied
4. (Multiple choice) What's the channel in our website are you interested in:
  • About us
  • delhi lottery ticket and Service
  • Sustainable development
  • Human resources
  • Media center
5. Can you find the information you need?
  • Yes
  • No: Please list the information you need:
6. Is there page dislocation, messy code and other obvious issues when you access our website:
  • No
  • Yes: What's the platform you use to access our website:
    Mobile terminal (cell phone,pad)
7. Our website provides serial functions, you frequently use:
  • Retrieve
  • E-mail subscription
  • Comment feedback
  • Complaints and feedback
  • Online consultation

Do you have any other requirements on the website function or provide website linkage with similar functions? Please provide detailed description.,age of the gods bonus roulette

8. Website access speed:
  • Fast
  • common
  • Slow
Fast: What's your country, region?
Slow: What's your country, region?
9. Do you encounter problems when you access our website:
  • No
  • Yes, please describe:
10.Please recommend the website with better experience you have accessed:
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